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Hand Made

For Restoration, decoration and landscape handmade bricks and roof tiles

Handmade bricks and roof tiles are looking material for the human being in billion years.

Our products are produced by traditional methods and it is continues of culture in Anatolia.  We move this heritage from past to future by producing the same methods for this unique material.

Apart from standard dimensions, we produce any dimensions that can be used for the restoration of historical artifacts and other artificial applications.

Why Hand Made Brick

Traditional handmade bricks life can reach thousandsof years.

Today like Ephesus, Phasaelis antique cities bricks are working for 3000-5000 years, the reason is that handmade bricks do not process with vacuum machine and it blocks expansion for material in winter months because of a freeze.  However, today’s technologies use vacuum machines to produce bricks and it leads to expansion for material in winter months and deformed the materials.

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